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      Tax-Tip Tuesday, Individual, IRS Tax Tip

      These summer activities can affect next year’s tax returns. Here are some things taxpayers do during the summer along with tips they should consider now:

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      IRS Scam Warning, Tax-Tip Tuesday, New Scam, Fake Calls, IRS Tax Tip

      Scam artists don't take summer vacations!  With scam artists hard at work all year, taxpayers should be on the lookout for a surge of evolving phishing emails and telephone scams.

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      Received a notice from the IRS? Don't panic!

      Brinker Simpson, Tax-Tip Tuesday, Tax Return Error, Individual, 1040, Tax Questions, IRS Tax Tip

      Here’s what taxpayers should know if they get a notice from the IRS

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      Getting Married? Are Your Taxes Ready to Say "I Do?"

      Tax planning, Individuals, Brinker Simpson, Tax-Tip Tuesday, Getting Married and Taxes, IRS Tax Tip, Marriage, Tax Plans When Getting Married

      Love is in the air and the wedding bells are ready to ring! The big day is right around the corner. All of the details are in place... or are they?

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