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In Brinker Simpson news, we sponsored The Hope Café at CityTeam Ministries in Chester on June 9th.  Each year we pull together our team members to support CityTeam and their amazing work. For this event, we provided support for the delicious dinner provided, the array of desserts and beautiful floral centerpieces for each of the tables.  Our team of 30 people, comprised of 16 staff members and 14 friends and relatives, volunteered to participate in the event.  Duties ranged from setting the tables, helping in the kitchen, hosting, greeting tables, bussing tables, serving food, and washing dishes.  We also had staff who dined and conversed with the CityTeam dinner guests.  

City Team Ministries transforms their dining room into The Hope Café each Saturday.  The individuals and families who come there are treated as though they are guests at a restaurant.  The tables are set with linen tablecloths and menus are provided with choices for their meals.  The number of meals served can vary during the month, but typically, they see higher numbers towards the end of the month when social security and food stamp program assistance have been depleted. 

Every year our team looks forward to spending time with CityTeam Ministries and supporting their work. We were proud to sponsor such a wonderful event.

Many thanks to all that participated and made this day possible.

Tagged: Events, Giving Back, 2018, CityTeam Ministries


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