ABOUT Kristen McCabe

As the Director of Business Development at Brinker Simpson, Kristen McCabe has significantly contributed to the firm's success, primarily through her leadership in the COVID-19 Response and Recovery Task Force. Her role was crucial in providing clients with up-to-date, comprehensive guidance on federal and state stimulus initiatives, helping them navigate the complexities of the pandemic.

Kristen's involvement extends beyond the pandemic response. She is a key player in the Mergers and Acquisitions, Tax Strategies, and Accounting groups at Brinker Simpson. Her expertise in tax compliance, planning, and business consulting has been invaluable. She offers clients seasoned advice in income tax, financial, general business, and succession planning.

With a broad spectrum of experience, Kristen has been instrumental in providing consulting and tax planning services for startups, mid-sized privately owned businesses, and a diverse range of industries, including professional services, construction, real estate, private equity, nonprofits, healthcare, and personal services. Before joining Brinker Simpson, her career spanned public accounting and the private sector, equipping her with a rich blend of skills and insights that she brings to her current role.