Amidst the shifts in today's tax landscape, your organization cannot afford to go along with the status quo. You need a tax team to help reduce your tax burden and maximize your profitability with proactive ideas and insights. That's what you'll find at Brinker Simpson.

Brinker Simpson's tax professionals keep a constant pulse on industry developments and the regulatory environment from a local, state, national and global perspective to deliver tax compliance and strategic solutions that work for your organization. We draw upon our understanding of your company's unique needs and goals to formulate tax strategies centered around your best interests.

With deep experience and expertise in various specialized disciplines, rest assured that we've got the intellectual capital and bench strength that will give you a clear competitive advantage.


Receiving a notification letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for an upcoming audit or dealing with persistent collections calls from the IRS can be nothing short of heart-stopping. At Brinker Simpson, we understand this – and we can help.

When it comes to complicated disputes and examinations, satisfying unpaid tax liabilities, or securing expert witnesses, Brinker Simpson's tailored approach has consistently produced favorable outcomes and closure for our clients across various industries. Our deep experience in navigating the many hurdles of tax controversies allows us to provide our clients with the technical expertise required for resolution and peace of mind.

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