The truth is in the details, and with business valuations, those details could mean increased tax liability for your business. Determining an estimated fair market value is just the first step in utilizing valuations as a tool to improve your business. The real key is acting on that knowledge.

Our experience gained over the years as Certified Valuation Analysts has given us the vital ability to provide you with a sound business valuation based on proven and accepted methods. Small business owners frequently make decisions that are not short-term in nature, so it is beneficial to be able to rely on an appraisal process to help make better long-term decisions. Working with a certified team is invaluable when determining the value of your business. Our accountants who specialize in this service are readily available to consult with you to provide a solution that best suits your needs. In the world of business valuation consultation, we believe that a well-prepared valuation is a cornerstone to finding peace of mind and success.


Could you benefit from a rule-of-thumb or calculation engagement? Owners who need a ballpark value of their company often consider a rule-of-thumb, or range-of-value, engagement. This involves applying high-level industry multiples to your historical information to arrive at a range of values for your company.

A calculation engagement goes deeper than rule of thumb and results in a more customized value for your company. Although it relies on valuation concepts, a calculation is not as in-depth as a valuation. It typically includes an analysis of your company's historical income stream and projections, judgment-based adjustments, and applying a customized capitalization rate to your income stream. Your valuation consultant will provide a formal report with a specific value. These can, in certain situations, provide you with enough analysis of your company's value to move ahead with a sale or acquisition.

If you are in a situation where you need to know the value of your business, it can be hard to know where to start -- Brinker Simpson can help. Our valuation experts will guide you through the process and ensure you're getting the proper value engagement for your needs.

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