Amidst the shifts in today's tax landscape, your organization cannot afford to go along with the status quo. You need a tax team to help reduce your tax burden and maximize your profitability with proactive ideas and insights. That's what you'll find at Brinker Simpson.

Brinker Simpson's tax professionals keep a constant pulse on industry developments and the regulatory environment from a local, state, national and global perspective to deliver tax compliance and strategic solutions that work for your organization. We draw upon our understanding of your company's unique needs and goals to formulate tax strategies centered around your best interests.

With deep experience and expertise in various specialized disciplines, rest assured that we've got the intellectual capital and bench strength that will give you a clear competitive advantage.


State and local taxes are a part of every business. Brinker Simpson recognizes how complicated and overwhelming state and local taxes can be. States and municipalities face significant budget shortfalls and are continually looking to close the gap by enhancing current tax laws, enforcing existing tax laws, and implementing new taxes. A comprehensive state and local tax strategy help minimize your company's compliance risk and tax burden. Our State and Local Tax (SALT) professionals can provide you with favorable, accurate, and defendable tax solutions. We understand the complexity of state and local tax compliance, from handling large, multi-state businesses to consulting on jurisdictional state and local tax matters.

Poor compliance with state and local tax obligations can lead to unnecessary tax exposure and penalties. For companies growing and transitioning business operations into new markets, it is important to understand nexus and determine where your company has a filing obligation or tax liability exposure. Nexus studies are also valuable for tax planning purposes.

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