ABOUT Bob Simpson

Bob Simpson, the Founder of Brinker Simpson & Company, has been a driving force in the accounting world since establishing the firm in 1989. His entrepreneurial spirit and diverse background in owning retail, entertainment, and computer consulting firms have shaped his unique approach to business development and client services.

As a Partner, Bob focuses on Business Development and Client Services, leveraging his extensive experience in real estate investing to benefit his clients. He has a deep appreciation for the challenges and rewards of small businesses, having guided many from their inception to multi-generational success.

Bob's passion for sharing knowledge has led him to teach Entrepreneurial Courses at a local college and offer consulting in budgeting and finance to numerous charities and nonprofit groups. His expertise is widely recognized, having led educational seminars on various topics and contributed as a guest commentator on radio programs and government panels.

Over the past 33 years, Bob has been instrumental in the firm's growth, transforming it from a local entity into a regionally recognized and award-winning business. His forward-thinking leadership and proactive management style have been key to this success.

Deeply committed to community involvement, Bob embodies the firm's culture of giving back and making a lasting, positive impact. His dedication extends beyond professional realms to his personal life, where he enjoys beach time with his wife, Eileen, and treasures moments with his three grown children.