Tom Saris, a Senior Manager in the Client Accounting Services department at Brinker Simpson, specializes in working with various clients, particularly small businesses. His services are tailored to meet diverse client needs, from strategic advice and guidance to comprehensive accounting support. This includes transaction entry, bill payment, receivables management, liaising with lenders, and implementing new accounting software.

At the core of Tom’s work is financial reporting, a crucial aspect that he and his team focus on daily. Their primary goal is to instill confidence in clients by ensuring they have a clear and accurate understanding of their financial standing, equipping them with the essential information to make informed business decisions.

Outside of work, Tom is an enthusiast of multiple hobbies, which keep him actively engaged. His recent ventures include beekeeping, establishing a woodshop in his basement, brewing beer, and raising a pandemic puppy named Jordan. These diverse interests reflect his dynamic personality and passion for exploring new challenges.

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