At Brinker Simpson, we approach each engagement with a highly integrated group of forensic accountants and valuation experts. Our team is experienced with fraud investigations, identifying, and evaluating fraud risk, and designing controls for fraud deterrence.


All businesses face risk. Is fraud occurring in your business? Are you complying with regulations? Does staff follow established policies and procedures? A robust internal control system lessens those risks, creates efficiency, and increases your company's reputation.

As technology and business strategy change, so does risk. Our team of professionals helps you build, test, and improve your internal controls with an

Internal control review: Starting with identifying the risks you face, we'll evaluate the controls you have in place via interviews with management and staff, site visits, and observations. We will provide you with recommendations and best practices to ensure compliance with regulations and reduce the risk of fraud.

Internal control testing: We will select risk areas and test sample documents and transactions to gauge your internal controls' effectiveness and ensure adherence to policies and procedures.

Some of the areas we review, evaluate and test include

  • Segregation of duties and accounting processes
  • Risk assessment and self-evaluations
  • Cash controls
  • Electronic banking
  • Billing
  • Collections
  • Payroll
  • Records, coding, and billing
  • Contracting
  • Credentialing

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact our office at 610.544.5900.